Honeywell Redundant digital Output Module/ Module đầu ra backplane CC-TDOB11

Honeywell module

Honeywell module CC-TDOB11 PWA, DO 24V BUSS IOTA RED 32 24V

Parameter Specification
Input / Output Model CC-PDOB01 – 24Volt Digital Output , Field Isolated, Bussed output

CU-PDOB01 – 24Volt Digital Output , Field Isolated, Bussed output



Non Redundant 6”
Redundant 12”
Output Channels 32
Load Voltage 30 VDC Maximum
Load Current Per Channel Per 8 Channels Per Module
(A group of 8 channels consists of

channels: 1-8, 9-16, 17-24, and 25-32)

One Short Condition(1)

Two Short Condition(1)

0.5A 3A 6A
0.5A 1.5A 6A
Galvanic Isolation 1500 VAC RMS or ±1500 VDC
On-State Voltage 24 V (typ), load current @ 0.5A
Off-State Voltage 0v VDC (max) (3.3VDC (max) indicated under no-load condition)
Off-State Leak Current

Turn-On/Turn-Off Time

Gap (0 current) of Output to Field on


0.5 μA (max)

10 ms (max)

10 ms maximum (applies to Redundancy only)

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