Azbil Valve Positioner/ Van điều khiển tuyến tính 700 Series Model AVP702

Azbil Valve Positioner

Azbil Valve Positioner 700 Series Model AVP702

Communication protocol: HART, FOUNDATION Fieldbus

Double-action pilot (1 output for a single-action actuator)

Integral type


Positioner type: Smart Valve Positioner 700 Series

Model No.: AVP701/702/703

Input signal: 4 to 20mADC, FOUNDATION Fieldbus

Stroke range: 10 to 100mm (Linear), to 90° (Rotary)

Air supply pressure: 140 to 700kPa {1.4 to 7.0kgf/cm²}

Ambient temperature: -40 to +80°C

Mã: 1346-10080 Danh mục: