YTC Smart Positioner YT-2501 Series

YTC Smart Positioner YT-2501 Series

YTC Smart Positioner YT-2501 Series supplies remote functions and higher liabilities in high temperature and vibration environment.

  • Separated feedback module
  • Near zero air consumption level
  • HART comunication
  • Auto calibration
  • PD control
  • 4 buttons for local control
  • LCD display
  • Feedback signal
  • Fail freeze & safe function


1. The body and position sensors are separated from each other, easy to maintain, strong seismic performance, can be used in high temperature occasions. Standby air consumption close to zero, can greatly save factory energy.
2. The product is equipped with a liquid crystal display (LCD), so you can confirm the status of the positioner directly in the field.
3. Through the HART communication, you can get a variety of valves and locators intelligence.
4. Can add the valve output module, feedback valve opening.
5. Can be arbitrarily set linear, fast open, such as percentage flow characteristics.
6. Through the button on the product can easily adjust the PID parameters, can also be set to 16 points to achieve a special flow curve.
7. Has excellent protection function (IP66).

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