WAM VFS Series Powder Pneumatic Valve

WAM VFS Series Powder Pneumatic valve

Product Information:

Scope: concrete mixing stations and dry powder, Synonyms: butterfly valve connection: flange, material: cast aluminum, nominal diameter: 100-400 (mm), drive media: air, pressure range: 0.2bar (3psi), temperature: Maximum 80 ℃, the main material: half body is aluminum alloy rotary valve wear-resistant polymer material, the structure forms: vertical plate, transmission forms: pneumatic and sealing form: soft sealed, pneumatic actuator configuration: CP101, CP126 type

V.FS-SN butterfly made by two semi-gravity casting valve body, half body aluminum alloy material, the rotary valve plate using polymer materials, has a good seal. Top and bottom of the same circular flange, having a top flange and a hemming member for a flexible sleeve.

The main switch for silo bins, hoppers and equipped with powdery or granular materials. Can be applied to deal with all powdery and granular materials, the use of the material itself gravity valve closure and pneumatic transport of dry materials. Can be installed below the hopper, bin, silo, spiral or other type of conveyor, and connecting the pneumatic conveying line. Because of the special structure and the use of this valve engineering materials, it is always a very economical and very efficient choice.

V1FS single flange valve with top flange and folding parts, suitable for connecting flexible sleeve
V2FS double flanged valves, the same top and bottom flanges

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