Honeywell STR94G Sanitary Remote Seal Transmitter

Remote Seal Transmitter

Remote Seal Transmitter ST 3000 Series 100 bring smart technology to a wide spectrum of measurement applications ranging from furnace combustion airflow rate to hydrostatic tank gauging. The differential pressure transmitters can be used with any primary flow element to provide proven, repeatable flow measurement.

ST 3000 Series 100 Differential Pressure Transmitters are ideal for critical process loops and high-value applications such as custody transfer and energy and material balances.


1. The use of ion implantation silicon technology, in the differential pressure sensor integrated static pressure and temperature sensor, at any time to correct the process temperature and static pressure caused by the error, improve the measurement accuracy and stability.

2. High reliability: Mean time between failures 470 years.

3. High stability: ± 0.01% / year.

4. High precision: ± 0.1%.

5. Wide range ratio: 100: 1 (STR14A, STR14G).

6. Wide measuring range:

STR12D 0 ~ 100kPa

STR13D 0 ~ 700kPa

STR14D 0 ~ 3.5MPa

7. Complete Thông số kỹ thuật:

8. With a variety of intrinsically safe and flameproof certification.

9. Optional HART protocol.

10. Optional fieldbus (FF) communication protocol.

11. Use the field communicator or MCT multi-protocol communicator to achieve the ST3000 transmitter configuration, checksum fault diagnosis.

12. Configurable with SCT configuration tool via a portable computer.

13. Digital integration with Honeywell ExperionPKSTM distributed control system.

14. Small size, light weight: 4.1Kg (transmitter body), capillary and flange weight plus.

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