Honeywell STR93D Remote Diaphragm Seals Pressure Transmitter / đo áp suất

Pressure Transmitter

Pressure Transmitter Honeywell ST3000 series single flange transmitter is a microprocessor-based intelligent transmitter, the latest R300 version, to enhance the transmitter accuracy, reliability and long-term stability indicators. It can measure a variety of liquid and gas differential pressure, flow, pressure or level, and output the corresponding 4 ~ 20mA analog and digital signals. Its unique temperature and static pressure error automatic correction function to make it meet the harsh environment.

STR93D/STR94G Measure the object:
1, high temperature (up to 320 ℃) under the conditions of pressure and liquid level measurement
2, under high vacuum conditions, pressure and level measurement
3, viscous and easily crystalline liquid pressure and liquid level measurement
4, the level of corrosive liquids and pressure measurement
5, the liquid interface measurement

Technical indicators:

1.High reliability: Mean time between failures 470 years.
2.High stability: ± 0.01% / year.
3.High accuracy: ± 0.075% (STR93D: ± 0.2%)
4.Wide range ratio: 110: 1 (STR93D).
5.Wide measuring range: STR93D 0-700KPa STR94G 0-3.5MPa
6.Complete Thông số kỹ thuật: the liquid part of a variety of 7.anti-corrosion materials are available, with a variety of process connection size, to meet the conditions of the use of various conditions
8.With a variety of intrinsically safe and flameproof 9.certification
10.Optional HART protocol.
11.Optional fieldbus (FF) communication protocol.
12.Using the field communicator or MCT multi-protocol

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