Honeywell STG14L Gauge Pressure Transmitter / đo áp suất

Pressure Transmitter

Pressure Transmitter ST 3000 Series 100 bring smart technology to a wide spectrum of measurement applications ranging from furnace combustion airflow rate to hydrostatic tank gauging. The differential pressure transmitters can be used with any primary flow element to provide proven, repeatable flow measurement.

ST 3000 Series 100 Differential Pressure Transmitters are ideal for critical process loops and high-value applications such as custody transfer and energy and material balances.

STG140/STG14L 0 to 500 psi 0 to 35 bar
STG170/STG17L 0 to 3,000 psi 0 to 210 bar
STG180/STG18L 0 to 6,000 psi 0 to 415 bar
STG19L 0 to 10,000 psi 0 to 690 bar
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