Honeywell STF72F SmartLine Flange Mounted Level Transmitter

Level Transmitter

Level Transmitter Honeywell STF700 series is suitable for monitoring, control and data acquisition. The SmartLine family pressure transmitters are designed around a high performance piezo-resistive sensor. This one sensor actually integrates multiple sensors linkingprocess pressure measurement with on-board static pressure (DP Models) and temperature compensation measurements. This level of performance allows the ST 700 to replace most competitive transmitters available today.


  • Accuracy up to 0.065 % of calibrated span
  •  Stability up to 0.02% of URL per year for five years
  •  Automatic temperature compensation
  •  Rangeability up to 100:1
  •  Response times as fast as 100ms
  •  Alphanumeric display capabilities
  •  External zero, span, & configuration capability
  •  Polarity insensitive electrical connections
  •  On-board diagnostic capabilities
  •  Integral Dual Seal design for safety based on
  • ANSI/NFPA 70-202 and ANSI/ISA 12.27.0
  •  Full compliance to SIL 2/3 requirements as a standard.
  •  Modular design characteristics
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