Honeywell STA722/STA72L Absolute Pressure Transmitter / đo áp suất

Absolute Pressure Transmitter Honeywell STA722/STA72L

Honeywell’s SmartLine ST 700 Absolute Pressure Transmitters (STA700) is a high-performance absolute pressure transmitter with advanced sensor technology. The STA 700 provides extremely high measurement accuracy and stability over a wide range of static pressure and temperature by combining absolute pressure with static pressure and temperature compensation on the sensor chip.

The STA700 Absolute Pressure Transmitters are available in two variants – In-line (STA7XL) and Dual Head (STAXX) – in the following ranges:

  • STA722/STA72L       0 to 780 mmHgA     (0 to 1,040 mbarA)
  • STA740/STA74L       0 to 500 psia          (0 to 35 barA)
  • STA77L                   0 to 3000psia          (0 to 210 barA)

The accuracy of calibration range is 0.065%
Stability: 0.02% full scale for 5 years
Automatic static pressure and temperature compensation
Range ratio 100:1
Response time up to 100 milliseconds
Alphanumeric display function
External zero, range and configuration functions
Connect any power polarity
Perfect self diagnostic function
The standard configuration is fully in line with SIL2/3
Full modular design

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