Honeywell HB 546 online or intrusion type pH electrode

Honeywell Electrode

Honeywell electrode HB 546 online or intrusion type pH Honeywell’s pH electrodes for applications with high temperatures and pressures in addition to low and high pH. The
HB Series complements the other pH offerings – the Durafet and Meredian electrodes.
The HB546 is:
• intended for threaded in-line and submersible operations
• rugged, versatile and simple to use
• compatible with most industrial transmitters and analyzers
Honeywell’s HB Series of electrode mountings utilize the patented Axial Ion Path Reference Cell Technology.
The Axial Ion Path Technology:
– prevents sensor poisoning
– prevent internal leaks
– prevent internal plugging
– allows extreme temperature and pressure tolerance
– allows for long life in low and high pH applications

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