Honeywell Digital Input Module/ Module đầu vào CC-PDIL01

Honeywell module

Honeywell module CC-PDIL01 PWA MODULE, DI 24V IO G3 CE CC DI

Manufacturer’s Declared Parameters
Input / Output Model CC-PDIL01 – 24Volt Digital Input

CU-PDIL01 – 24Volt Digital Input



Non Redundant 6”


Redundant 12”
Input Channels 32
Galvanic Isolation (any input terminal voltage referenced to common) 1500 VAC RMS or ±1500 VDC
Isolation Technique Optical (in IOM)
DI Power Voltage Range

ON Sense Voltage/Current

18 to 30 VDC

13 VDC (min) or 3 mA (min)

OFF Sense Voltage/Current 5 VDC (max) or 1.2 mA (max)
Input Impedance

Absolute Delay Across Input Filter and Isolation

4.2 KΩ

5 ms ± 20%

Field Resistance for Guaranteed ON Condition

Field Resistance for Guaranteed OFF Condition

300 Ωmax @ 15 VDC

30 KΩmin @ 30 VDC

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