Honeywell Analog Output Module/ Module đầu ra backplane CC-TAOX01

Honeywell module

Honeywell module CC-TAOX01 PWA, AO IOTA 16 6IN CE CC


Manufacturer’s Declared Parameters
Input / Output Model CC-PAOH01 – High-Level Analog Output with HART

CU-PAOH01 – High-Level Analog Output with HART



Non Redundant 6”


Redundant 12”
Output Type 4-20 mA
Output Channels 16
Output Ripple < 100 mV peak-to-peak at power line frequency, across 250 Ω load
Output Temperature Drift

Output Readback Accuracy

0.005% of Full Scale/°C

±4% of Full Scale

Output Current Linearity ± 0.05% of Full Scale nominal

Calibrated Accuracy

± 0.05% of Full Scale

± 0.35% of Full Scale (25oC) including linearity

Directly Settable Output Current Range 0 mA, 2.9 mA to 21.1 mA
Maximum Resistive Load

(24 V supply = 22 VDC through 28 VDC)

800 ohms
Maximum Output Compliant Voltage

(24 V supply = 22 VDC through 28 VDC)

16 V
Maximum Open Circuit Voltage

Response Time

(DAC input code to output)

Gap (0 mA) of Output to Field on Switchover

22 V

settles to within 1% of final value within 80 ms

10 ms maximum (applies to Redundancy only)

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