Foxboro IDP32 Intelligent Differential Pressure Transmitter / đo áp suất

The Foxboro brand I/A Series System IDP32 differential pressure transmitter is a microprocessor-based smart transmitters that provides precise, reliable, measurement of differential pressure and features high performance and excellent stability. Capable of measuring gas, liquid, vapor, and liquid levels, it transmits 4 to 20mA DC analog and digital signals according to the measured differential pressure. It can also execute twoway communications using HART protocol, thus facilitating self-diagnosis, range resetting, and automatic zero adjustment.

Key Benefits :

  • Unique characterization and composite semiconductor sensors realize high accuracy up to 0.04% F.S.
  • Proven Sensor technology enables Long-term stability up to 0.1% of URL per 10-year period.
  • Response time within 100 msec and a 200:1turndown ratio
  • A wide measuring range is available from a single model. This feature is highly effective in taking measurement over a wide range and reducing the need for inventory.
  • Two-way communication using HART protocol facilitates self-diagnosis, range resetting, automatic zero adjustment, and other operations.
  • HART communication protocol
  • SIL2 rated
  • Best in the industry – 5 year warranty
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