Endress Hauser Electromagnetic Đồng hồ đo lưu lượng Proline Promag 53E

Electromagnetic Flowmeter

Electromagnetic Flowmeter Endress Hauser Proline Promag 53E offers highest accuracy in the most complex and demanding measuring tasks.

Brand :Endress Hauser
Model: Endress Hauser Electromagnetic Flowmeter Proline Promag 53E
Diameter:DN 15 to 600 (½ to 24″)
Measurement error:Volume flow: ±0.2 % o.r. ± 2 mm/s (0.08 in/s)
Range:4 dm³/min to 9600 m³/h (1 to 44 000 gal/min)
Pressure range: PN 40, Class 150, 20K
Process Temperature:–10 to +110 °C (+14 to +230 °F)
Output: 4 modular outputs:
0‐20 mA (active)/4‐20 mA (active/passive)
Pulse/frequency (passive)
Relay output
Switch output (passive)
Input:2 modular inputs:
Status input
0‐20 mA (aktiv)/4‐20 mA (aktiv/passiv)

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