Azbil Valve Positioner/ Van điều khiển tuyến tính SVP3000 Alphaplus Smart Valve Positioner/ Van điều khiển tuyến tính Model AVP102

Azbil Valve Positioner

Azbil Valve Positioner SVP3000 Alphaplus Smart Valve Positioner Model AVP102

SVP3000 Alphaplus series Smart Valve Positioners are
microprocessor based current-to-pneumatic valve posi-
tioners.The SVP3000 Alphaplus receives a DC current
signal from control devices and controls the openings of
valves. In addition to this basic function, SVP3000
Alphaplus has communication capabilities, automatic con-
figuration program, and self-diagnostics functions that
increase productivity and efficiency of plant operation.

NEPSI Intrinsically safe approval for model
Ex ia IIC T4-T6 Ga
T4 at -40°C to +60°C
T5 at -40°C to +60°C
T6 at -40°C to +40°C
The barriers should be NEPSI certified types and comply
with the following condition as follows.
Ui=30V, Ii=100mA, Pi=1.0W, Ci=0.015μF, Li=0.2mH
The circuit shall be considered to be connected to ground
from a safety point of view.

Mã: 1346-10130 Danh mục: