Azbil Valve Positioner/ Van điều khiển tuyến tính for Rotary Valve SVX100

Azbil Valve Positioner

Azbil Valve Positioner for Rotary Valve SVX100

Communication protocol: HART, SFNCommunication protocol: HART, SFNEquipped with an integrated double-action reversing relayIntegral type

Positioner type SVX100 / SVX102 Smart Valve Positioner for Rotary Valve
Model No. SVX
Input signal 4 to 20mADC, split range setting available
Stroke range to 90° (Rotary)
Air supply pressure 140 to 700kPa
Ambient temperature -40 to +80°C
  • Single action/Double action
  • Auto set-up
  • Communication : HART®
  • Easy zero/span adjustments
Mã: 1346-10110 Danh mục: