YTC Smart Positioner YT-3450 Series

YTC Smart Positioner YT-3450 Series

YTC Smart Positioner YT-3450 Series ccurately controls valve stroke, according to input signal of 4~20mA being delivered from controller.

Main Features and Functions

  • LCD display enables users to monitor the positioner status.
  • Positioner operates normally during sudden changes in supply pressure and / or high vibration environment.
  • Low air consumption level and low voltage use (8.5 V) yield to lower plant operating costs. The YT-3400/3450 is compatible with most of controllers
  • Variable orifice can be used to minimize the hunting occurrence and optimize operating conditions.
  • Valve system feedback is greatly improved by the accuracy and fast response of the YT- 3400/3450.
  • Different valve characteristics can be adjusted – Linear, Quick Open, Equal Percentage, and Custom which user can make 16 points characterizations.
  • Tight Shut – Close and Shut – Open can be set.
  • PID parameters can be adjusted in the field without any additional communicator.
  • A/M switch can be used to direct supply air to the actuator or to manually operate the positioner or valve.
  • Split range 4-12mA or 12-20mA can be set.
  • Operating temperature is -40 ~ 85’C.


YT3300-LSN: YT-3350LSN; YT3300-LSI; YT-3350LSI; YT3300-LDN; YT-3350LDN; YT3300-LDI; YT-3350LDI; YT3300-RSN; YT-3350RSN; YT- RSI-3300; 3350RSI-YT; YT-3300-RDN; 3350RDN-YT; YT-3300-RDI; 3350RDI-YT; YT-3303LSN; 3303LDN-YT; YT-3303LSI; 3303LDI-YT; YT-3303RSN; YT- 3303RSI; YT-3303RDN; YT-3303RDI; YT-3301LSN; YT-3301LSI; YT-3301LDN; YT-3301LDI; YT-3301RSN; YT-3301RSI; YT-3301RDN; YT-3301RDI; YT-3400LSC; YT-3400LDC; YT-3400RSC; 3400RDC-YT; YT-3450LSC; YT-3450LDC; 3450RSC-YT; YT-3450RDC; 2500LSN-YT; YT-2500LDN; 2500LSI-YT; YT-2500LDI; 2500RSN-YT; YT-2500RDN; YT- 2500RSI; YT-2500RDI; YT-2550LSN; YT-2550LDN; YT-2550LSI; YT-2550LDI; YT-2550RSN; YT-2550RDN; YT-2550RSI; YT-2550RDI; YT-2501LSN; YT-2501LDN; YT-2501LSI; YT-2501LDI; 2501RSN-YT; YT-2501RDN; YT-2501RSI; 2501RDI-YT; YT-2600LSC; 2600LDC-YT; YT-2600RSC ; 2600RDC-YT; YT-2700LSN; 2700LSI-YT; YT-2700RSN; YT-2700RSI;

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